Lutheran High is a college-preparatory, private high school in Springfield, Illinois. The main focus of Lutheran High is training young men and women to be Christian leaders in this world. When students graduate Lutheran High they are prepared spiritually, physically, and academically to be the next generation of leaders. The academics at Lutheran High challenge students to reach their full potential and prepare them for their next adventure.

The teachers at Lutheran High provide the resources for your child’s success. A combination of hard work by the students and the passion of our teachers generates results preparing the student for life after high school. Through a variety of classes, your student gains critical thinking skills, vocabulary and communication skills, and other life skills. The skills learned at Lutheran give your student a wide variety of interests that could turn into potential careers.

Lutheran High School has dual credit classes which allow a student to receive credit for both high school and college. Lutheran High’s partnership with Lincoln Land Community College allows students to take Novels (English 220) and Statistics and receive credits for high school and college.

In the fall of 2016, Lutheran High offered its first Advanced Placement (AP) class. AP Physics is the first of many AP classes that Lutheran High will offer. In AP classes, a student will take a high level course the whole school year and take a Final test at the end of the year, if the student passes the test they will receive credit for both high school and college.

Academics are an important part of the education at Lutheran High School. Focusing on Christ, Lutheran High students are challenged academically to make Christian decisions and take positive Christian action as they prepare to be Christian leaders.