Graduation Requirements

A four-year student of LuHi (Class of 2022) will graduate with 28 credits (24 in academic areas and 4 in Religion) and at least 60 hours of community service.  One unit of credit is generally given for a year-long class.  Religion counts for .5 units per semester of attendance.

To help assist students with the transition from high school to college, all students are required to complete a minimum of one online course prior to high school graduation. The online coursework approval sheet must be completed prior to taking each online course at LuHi. This includes courses to meet the graduation requirement and/or graduation requirements and enrichment.

The rationale for the online requirement includes:

 Expanding a student’s horizon beyond what LuHi can offer in a traditional learning environment

 Equipping students with an online educational experience in preparation for learning after high school

Options include:

 Credit recovery course – student completes an online class to replace a class they did not pass during the regular school year

 Enrichment class – student completes an online class that is not offered at LuHi for credit. These classes
earn high school and/or college credit and are usually quite demanding.

 Massive Open Online Course [MOOC] – students can sign up through many universities and other
agencies to attend a course that is free [or very inexpensive] that offers a certificate of completion. These
courses vary greatly in number of lessons and time required. [No academic credit is earned for a MOOC.]

Class of 2021 (28 Units)

4.0 Credits – Religion          

3.0 or 4.0 Credits – Science   

1.5 Credits – Fine Arts       

0.5 Credit – Computer Applications

4.0 Credits – English   

3.0 Credits – Social Science

2.0 Credits – Physical Education

0.5 Credit – Consumer Education

3.0 or 4.0 Credits – Mathematics 

2.0 Credits – Foreign Language

0.25 Credit – Health 

3.75 Credits – Electives