Algebra A 

Grade Level: 9th Grade

Credit: 1 credit, one full year

Algebra A is a course designed to help students transition from the concrete concepts of arithmetic to the abstract concept of algebra.  Areas of emphasis include: working with integers, absolute value, operations with positive and negative numbers, using formulas, proportions, linear functions, algebraic properties, solving algebraic equations with one variable, graphing equations and inequalities

 Algebra B 

Grade Level: 9th Grade 

Credit: 1 credit, one full year

Algebra B is a a course that picks up where Alebra A left off.  Areas of emphasis inlcude: solving systems of equations, exponential expressions, multiplying binomials, factoring, rational expressions, radicals, and using formulas to solve equations. 

Algebra I:

Grade Level: 9th or 10th Grade

Requirements: Appropriate placement on Explore Test or successful completion of Pre-Algebra. All students will need a basic calculator with a square root key. 

Credit: 1 credit, one full year

This course covers simplification and evaluation of algebraic expressions and equations, factoring binomials and trinomials, solving first and second degree equations and graphing linear equations and inequalities.


Grade Level: 9th-12th Grade

Prerequisites: Algebra I

Credit: 1 credit, one full year

 This course covers the basic principles of logic. Students will learn to use deductive and inductive reasoning to prove congruence, similarity, and other geometric ideas. The course also requires that students describe the properties of triangles, polygons, circles, and regular solids, -use algebraic and geometric principles to determine the measures of sides, angles, areas, and volumes, perform basic engineering constructions, and -define basic trigonometric functions, and use them to determine the angles and sides of any right triangle.

Algebra II:

Grade Level: 10th-12th Grade

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Algebra One.  It is preferred that the student has also completed Geometry.  Student will need a calculator with Trigonometric functions as well as square roots.    

Credit: 1 credit, one full year

This course is designed to provide the students with an understanding of the rational and irrational number systems, the quadratic equation and logarithms. Trigonometric functions and identities are studied in time for the ACT in April.


Grade Level: 11th-12th Grade

Prerequisites: Completion of Geometry and Algebra II.  Graphing Calculator

Credit: 1/2 credit 1 semester

Beginning with functions, Trigonometry is explored first on the right triangle, and continuing to the unit circle. Identities, angle formulas, and inverse are covered along with many real life applications.

Analytic Geometry:  

Grade Level: 11th and 12th Grade

Prerequisites: Geometry and Algebra II

Credit: 1/2 credit 1 semester

This course will cover the algebra and geometry of polar coordinates and two dimensional vectors in tandem with traditional Cartesian methods.  We will study again the conic sections in this light, include the rotation of axes, and see how these apparently diverse branches of mathematics are, in reality, closely related.

Statistics (from LLCC catalog):

Grade Level: 11th-12th Grade

Prerequisites: This is a dual credit course through Lincoln Land Community College; therefore, the prerequisites are set by LLCC. Prerequisite: MAT 096 with a minimum grade of C or appropriate placement score AND one year of high school geometry or MAT 093 with a minimum grade of C.

Credit: 1 credit, one full year

This introductory course in statistics focuses on statistical reasoning and its use in solving real-world problems and in interpreting results reported in journals and through popular media. The content includes the following: basic descriptive statistics, basic probability theory, random variables and probability distributions, sampling distributions for statistics, statistical inferences involving confidence interval estimation and hypotheses testing for means, standard deviations and proportions, correlation and regression. R, 11 (4 lecture hours) IAI: M1 902; BUS 901

Calculus (from LLCC Catalog): 

Grade Level: 11th-12th Grade

Prerequisites:  This is a dual credit course through Lincoln Land Community College therefore the requirements are set by them.  Prerequisite:  MAT113 or MAT120 with minimum grades of C or better or appropriate placement score (ACT Math score of 22 or higher or Acuplacer score)

Credit:  1 credit, one full year

This is the first course of a three-semester sequence. Topics may include (but are not limited to): limits and continuity; definition of derivative; derivatives of polynomial and rational functions; the chain rule; implicit differentiation; approximation by differentials; higher order derivatives; Rolle’s Theorem; Mean Value Theorem; derivative applications; anti-derivatives; definite integrals; the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus; area, volume and other applications of the integral.  (5 lecture hours) IAI: M1 900-1; MTH 901

Business Math 

Grade Level: 11th or 12th Grade (10th Grade under special circumstances)

Prerequisites: None.

Credit: 1 credit, one full year

Business Math is designed to provide the students with a basic understanding of the mathematics used in business. The study will include both personal finance and global finance. Real world applications are an integral part of this course.