Association Congregational Membership Credit  $1000 per child

In recognition that the churches which operate Lutheran High commit a sizable portion of their treasury for this ministry, students who are members in good standing of Association Congregations receive a tuition credit ($1000). Credit is applied following the submission of the Church Membership Verification Form, properly signed by the pastor. These are Concordia, Our Savior’s and Trinity in Springfield, St. John’s in Chatham, Good Shepherd in Sherman, and Zion in Pleasant Plains.


Here is the FORM for Church Membership 

Financial Aid requiring submission of an “Application for Financial Assistance”, through FACTS.

Since funds for the following grants are limited, we ask that financial aid applications be submitted only if absolutely needed. Applications must be completed online through the FACTS Management Program. There is a link to this website on the “Admissions Tab” of the Lutheran High website. Any questions about filling out the application should be directed to the FACTS help desk at 1-866-315-9262. FAMILIES MUST APPLY FOR FINANCIAL AID EACH SCHOOL YEAR, it does not carry over from year to year. The application deadline for the 2018-2019 school year is March 15, 2019.


These endowments provide financial aid to the student family displaying the greatest need and other criteria, as determined by the online FACTS application, and are awarded by the Financial Aid Committee.

Allen Memorial (Returning student only – awarded for high academics and need); John Leischner Scholarship Fund; The Clarice I. McKittrick and Mildred M. Kittell Fund of the Lutheran Community Federation; Ray and Doris Meisenhelter Fund; John and Elizabeth Nance Endowment; Zach Wassell Memorial Fund

Financial Need Grant  Upon completion of the online FACTS application families may be eligible for tuition grants based on economic need. The Financial Aid Committee acts on such requests in April and may grant only the amount donated for that cause.

Principal’s Need Grant  This special grant money may be tapped only after other financial aid programs have been exhausted and the aggregate grant is limited to the amount of money donated for this purpose.

Work/Study  $125.00 per semester.

Students may elect to work at various tasks at Lutheran High in lieu of a study hall or before or after school. These custodial and secretarial jobs are handled much like one would handle a number of jobs in the “outside” world with applications, job descriptions, and periodic review.

(Work Study cont’d) Application forms are accepted in April (returning students) or June (new students) and jobs are assigned in August for the first semester and January for the second semester.

In addition to monies managed by Lutheran High’s Financial Aid Committee, several congregations offer scholarships to students from their congregation or school who attend Lutheran High. Parents would want to contact their pastor to see if such monies are available.


Multiple Child Discount

The second child attending concurrently receives a $1250 discount; the third attending concurrently receives a $2000 discount; the fourth attending concurrently attends tuition-free.

Class Rank Grant  The top academic students (over 3.0 GPA) from Association Lutheran schools entering 9th grade are offered in the following amounts: 1st in class - $500; 2nd in class - $400; 3rd in class - $300.  LuHi will solicit the information from Association schools. Students from other schools need a letter from their school identifying their rank in class.  The top academic students (over 3.0 GPA) entering 9th grade from any other elementary school are offered the following amounts: 1st in class - $500; 2nd in class - $300; 3rd in class - $100. These Grants are based on their status through the first semester of their 8th-grade year. The top academic students at LuHi advancing to the next grade will receive the following grants: 1st in class - $500; 2nd in class - $400; 3rd in class - $300.

Ralph and Judy Nitz Spirit Scholarship is funded by a Student Council fund drive during Spirit Week and other donations. This is given to returning students who are quite active in their church and/or Christian groups and are selected by the Religion Department and Chaplain.

Pastor / Teacher / Staff

$500 per child, LCMS called worker; $250 per child, other church workers; $1000 per child, LHS staff. Children of called pastors and teachers of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod who are employed in a full-time ministry are awarded this grant, as are pastors and teachers from other denominations and LCMS teachers who have not yet completed their colloquy.

Alumni Grant

Each child of Springfield Lutheran High alumni is automatically awarded an Alumni Grant of $175.


All financial aid applications must be submitted online, through FACTS, by March 15, 2019, in order to be considered for tuition assistance. Applications submitted by new students after this date will be considered for assistance if funds are still available.

All financial aid applicants must submit their information to the FACTS Management Program – A link to this company is located on the Lutheran High website, on the Admissions Tab. FACTS Management charges an application fee for this service.

Revised 3/8/2019