Statement from Lutheran High School's Faculty and Staff


As a family, we share joys and sorrows. We are saddened by some of the things that have been said about Lutheran High, but we find joy in knowing that the work of the Lord will continue to be done here at our school. We, as a faculty and staff, are united in the vision for Lutheran High as we move forward and will continue to work to follow our mission statement to build a Christ centered community to equip students spiritually, intellectually, and physically for service to God and society. Spreading the Gospel, training Christian leaders, and caring for the students is and will continue to be the primary focus of Lutheran High School. We support the direction in which the Board of Directors and Mr. Rollins are leading Lutheran High.
Sally Armbrust
Adam Bulava
Mary Burch
Rita Devine
Lisa Dolen
Berit Ericson
Susan Gilman
Kim Haynes
Amy Henry
Clayton James
William Kammerlohr
Rachel Koopman
Katie McCulley
Philip McFadden
Juliann Quigg
Nathan Schorfheide
Julie Watson
Remaining faculty and staff are currently out of town.