Like most musical groups, they have a greatest hits album.
Our December Crusader of the Month has a greatest hits album
as well. Many of her greatest hits include being a leader.
She is a leader on flute in band and also sings in the
choir. She is a leader in Madrigals and is not afraid to take
charge to see that things go smoothly. In Scholastic Bowl,
she is not only a leader in the matches, but helped organize the candy cane fundraiser
to raise money for new team sweatshirts. In addition to the candy sales
fundraiser, she is a team captain and is always looking for facts to further help the
team. Another of this Crusader of the Month’s greatest hits includes being voted
the 2017 Christmas Dance Queen. All of these hits are great, but her greatest hit is
that she would do anything for anyone. She is a team player, not
a solo act. Our Crusader of the Month for December, and one of
our greatest hits, is Senior Skyler Dodson.