Co-Crusaders of the Month for April

This young woman is a leader as she helps with projects outside of the classroom. She volunteers every
year to help prepare and serve refreshments at the Spanish Honor Society induction ceremony. In addition,
she stays late and cleans up the kitchen after each ceremony. This individual
is very knowledgeable about history, politics, and the entertainment world. She
often shares stories about famous politicians, celebrities, and creatures from folklore.
By her awe-inspiring techniques of telling tales, she inspires others to believe
her ideas about strange phenomena. One hobby of this person is researching conspiracy
theories. She may one day become famous as a criminal investigator.
This Co-Crusader of the Month for April is Alyssa P. Congratulations!


This Co-Crusader of the Month for April truly exhibits exemplary qualities in and out of the classroom,
in the areas of Christian leadership service, school spirit, and concern for fellow students. Showing
leadership and service through his role as a National Honor Society member, assisting with collecting
and transporting canned goods to the Inner City Mission, and contributing to Spanish
National Honor Society Bake Sales, this Co-Crusader of the Month also assisted
with both the Spanish National Honor Society induction and the National Honor
Society induction. This individual is a servant leader, who quietly leads by example
with his role on the Cross Country Team, Track Team , and Rock Climbing
Club; and shows concern for others through his role as Leadership Team Leader
and as a SADD member.
This Co-Crusader of the Month for April is Zachary V. Congratulations!