March Crusader of the Month:

Kaytlin Sherwood 

A quarterback’s job is to lead and direct its team towards the end zone.

The Lutheran High School March Crusader of the Month leads others to-
wards the end of this school year, through her hard work and dedication.

Her ‘Super Bowls’ included leading casts of characters on stage, both as an
airline attendant in the Fall Play, as well as the role of Billie Bendix in the
Spring Musical.
She directed projects for both the Ronald McDonald House and March for
Life activities as a Leadership Team Leader.
As a Spiritual Life Committee member, this Crusader volunteered to direct
and assist Sixth Grade Day activities.

Her concern and respect for others is shown through her tutoring and men-

This March MVP is known as a prepared student, eager to learn in all of her
classes. For Spanish class, she watches movies in Spanish to help her with
her fluency, always learning new words.

The March Crusader of the Month strives for academic excellence, as Na-
tional Honor Society Officer, Spanish National Honor Society member, and

Illinois State Scholar. She knows how to take charge and follow through in
all she does.