What does 2316 represent to you?  Probably nothing but a random number.  But, to one of our LuHi volleyball players, it represents 4 years of hustle, 4 years of hitting the floor, 4 years of hard work and determination.  2316 represents an all-time LuHi record number of assists by our Crusader of the Month.  

This Crusader’s growth over her 4-year volleyball career has been as amazing as her number of assists.  She has learned the value of a good attitude.  She has learned the value of being a part of a team.  She has learned to push through times of pain and hardship.   She has learned to never give up even when you feel like quitting. And, she has learned that giving your all is a privilege and not a chore.   

This Crusader has also been involved as a leader for NHS, Spanish NHS, Cheer, and 4 years of soccer. She was selected as a student of the Month at CACC as well. 

Congratulations to Cara A., our October Crusader of the Month!!