Lutheran High School Girls Volleyball

Under head coach, Katie McCulley, the Lutheran High Crusader volleyball teams have always had successful seasons. Covid 2021 season was no different. The Lady Crusader's finished 18-2 in their short spring season.  Katie looks for the returning players to guide this year's team in the Fall of 2021. Katie and her assistants, Coach Hennig and Coach Wiski, have been coaching together for 15 years. Together, they bring consistency to the sport that they love. And, more importantly than the physical skills that are taught, Katie and her coaches focus on making each of their players a better person. Many of the lessons learned on the court can be applied to our daily lives - hard work, perseverance, dedication, loyalty, pushing through the pain, rejoicing in a win and learning from a loss.

For fourteen years, each and every practice and game for LuHi volleyball has ended with the players and coaches holding hands and saying a prayer of thanks. Thanks are given for being able to play the game that we love. Thanks are given for those around us - our teammates, our family, our friends. It is always our prayer to play for God's glory and to be an example of His love. LuHi volleyball is more than just a win/loss record. LuHi volleyball is more than just a sport. It's a foundation for becoming a better player and a better person.

If you are interested in participating in Volleyball, please contact our Athletic Director Katie McCulley (