Philip Lee McFadden was born the son of John and Evelyn McFadden in Jacksonville, IL. He grew up in the country on the family farm, where he learned to walk beans and buck hay bales. Philip’s higher learning is rather spread out. He first attended Lake Land college in Mattoon, Illinois receiving a certificate in service electronics in 1979. Much later at the age of 25 he attended Western Illinois University in Macomb, IL receiving his B.S. in Industrial Technology specializing in graphic arts. In 2004, Philip attended Robert Morris college receiving his A.A.S. Degree in Computer Networking.

While he gained a lot of knowledge it seemed he never had a job that used his college skills. Philip learned more on the job and reading books that he actually used on the jobs he did have. Computers and cell phones were unknown then. 

Philip worked at a TV appliance store as a repair technician, at a rental store renting tools, U-Hauls and party and wedding supplies. It was there that he wore his first clown suit and gorilla suit delivering balloons and was still trying to repair equipment.

His next job led me to a couple print shops. The bigger of them being Phillips Brothers Printers in Springfield where he worked for 10 1/2 years. From there Philip worked at Eaton cutler Hammer in Lincoln, then Honeywell Hobbs for a brief time. That led me to Richardson Manufacturing where Philip worked for 11 1/2 years doing maintenance, becoming a lead man for 5S-janitorial and special projects that included everything not machine repaired related. 

And then Philip started working at Lutheran High School.

He is married to Carol Jurgens McFadden who grew up in Pleasant Plains. He has one son Jacob who is now living in Portland Oregon.

Philip currently seems to have to many interests doing to many things but have focused more on woodworking. Making items that you would see in a ski lodge having a rougher cut appearance. Ask him for a showing of some items.

Philip has always remembered his confirmation verse has his favorite Bible verse, Psalms 55:22, “Cast thy burden upon the Lord and he shall sustain you even the righteous to be stayed.”