Mrs. Quigg is from Gowrie, Iowa. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Lutheran Teacher Diploma from Concordia Teachers College, Seward, Nebraska in 1981. She began her teaching career in 1981 in Springfield at Immanuel Lutheran Church and School as a Teacher, School Music Director, and the Church Music Director. In 1982, Mrs. Quigg moved north to Park Ridge, Illinois where she was a Teacher and School Music Director. Mrs. Quigg would return to central Illinois in 1985 as a Teacher and School Music Director at St. James Lutheran Church and School in Quincy, Illinois. From 1989-1995, Mrs. Quigg worked as a Teacher, School Music Director, and Church Music Director at Salem Lutheran Church in Jacksonville. After taking two years off, Mrs. Quigg returned to Salem Jacksonville. In 2007, Mrs. Quigg joined us here at Lutheran High School where she is an English teacher. She is also serves as the National Honor Society Adviser, Speech Team Coach, Spelling Bee Coordinator, and Poetry Out Loud Coordinator. She is a member of the Lutheran Education Association (LEA) and National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).

Mrs. Quigg is married to husband Don. They have a daughter Naomi, who is an alumni of Lutheran High. Mrs. Quigg’s favorite Bible verses are: “But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord" - Joshua 24:15b  and "Be faithful , even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life"- Revelation 2:10.



English 9 (201)

English 9 serves as a base for other English classes students will take during their high school years. Primary emphasis will be placed on literature, grammar, and composition. The production of a term paper is a requirement.

Honors English 9 (204)

English 204 is a class designed to combine the content of both English 9 and English 10 for the verbally advanced student. This honors class will emphasize reading, writing, and grammar proficiency in a setting that focuses on daily group and individual participation. A rigorous schedule of work in and outside of class is an expectation of the class. These skills should prepare the student for the junior/senior level electives that follow this course.

Honors English 10 (208)

Honors English 10 is an in depth study of major works of literature and authors. This honors class is designed to prepare students for the AP English classes that will be taught Junior and Senior Year. A rigorous schedule of work in and out of class is challenging and expected. Extensive reading, note taking, and composition are required. The course is supplemented by novels and plays.  A thesis research paper is required. 

Speech and Drama (231)

Basic verbal communication skills are developed, ranging from readings, through interview and verbal presentation techniques, to formal speech presentations and dramatic portrayals.

Film as Literature (241)

This course is an elective in English for the junior or senior student. In this semester, the student will use motion pictures to examine the elements of film: story, visual elements, sound elements, acting, and direction. The course will include writing, speech, group work, and creative arts projects.