Although Mr. Rollins was born in Arizona, his folks moved to Colorado when he was a few months old, so he considers himself a native of the “Centennial State”.  As a child he moved around the Denver area but finished his high school time in small town Wiley in the southeastern part of the state.  He attended Concordia College, Seward, running cross country and track while taking classes in secondary education in the social sciences, graduating in 1979.  While at Seward he met his wife Susan and they were married in her hometown of Racine, Wisconsin, in 1979.

Mr. and Mrs. Rollins have been blessed with three sons — their oldest, living in central Wisconsin; their middle son, who enjoys the wilds of western Colorado; and their youngest, who works at a church in the Twin Cities. 

Mr. and Mrs. Rollins have ministered around the country in Lutheran grade schools, K-12 schools and Lutheran high schools since his first call to a Lutheran grade school in California.  He began his time in administration as the Assistant Principal at Minneapolis Lutheran High School in 1994 after receiving his Masters in Educational Administration from the University of Minnesota.  His first sole principalship was in Illinois at Luther East HS in Lansing.  He was most recently in the Twin Cities and northeast Iowa at Lutheran schools. Although, one of his most interesting ministries was at one of the largest Lutheran high schools in North America which is located in Las Vegas, NV.   

Mr. Rollins believes that in all we do we must seek our Lord with all of our heart, all of our soul and all of our mind.  That is why one of Mr. Rollins’ favorite passages from the Bible is Matthew 6:33:  “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”