Mr. Tyler Zander, B.S.


Mr. Zander graduated from Concordia University, NE with a bachelor of science in education degree with endorsements in Theology and English. He also earned his Lutheran teacher’s diploma. While at Concordia I participated in theatre, Concordia's Handbell Choir, Concordia's Youth Ministries, Concordia's Male Chorus, Concordia's Praise band, and the campus Community Restoration Committee.

Mr. Zander was born in Brazil in 1991, and then was adopted when he was 19 days old. He is blessed with three younger siblings that were adopted from Russia when he was 8 years old; Peter, Amber, and Christopher. Mr. Zander grew up on a farm in Howard Lake, MN and attended St. James Lutheran School for grades K-8. For high school he went outside of his hometown to attend Lutheran High School in Mayer, MN and graduated in 2009.

He has always loved to serve and has had a strong passion for the LORD since he was very young. Seeing how his teachers were able to teach the Word in their classrooms and serve Him outside of their classrooms is what inspired him to go into teaching. He knew that he wanted to be a teacher since he was in 6th grade. Teaching is all about being a servant and putting yourself last to serve your students, your church, and your community, and that is what God has called me to do.